The new project will be the first time that RuneScape

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The new project will be the first time that RuneScape

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The company has set its sights on the world of Gielinor and RuneScape with plans to release both a board game and a tabletop RPG core book in the coming year OSRS Gold For Sale. The two RPG versions will feature many of the most well-known characters from RuneScape and places, allowing groups of five or more players to challenge classic quests from RuneScape as well as bring adventures in the world of Gielinor to the home of Gielinor.

Players can design and upgrade their equipment, communicate with NPCs and tackle numerous side quests inspired in the traditional MMORPG. The board game will be launched through a Kickstarter campaign later in the year, while the tabletop RPG book will go to stores directly.

The core book for tabletop RPGs will notably be fully compatible with massive tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition core books, allowing the dungeon masters to seamlessly incorporate elements from RuneScape into their campaigns.

Jagex the CEO Phil Mansell was optimistic about the project expressing his enthusiasm about this Kickstarter initiative "involving all the RuneScape and RuneScape communities" and Steamforged CCO Mat Hart believed the "rich RuneScape universe will be beautifully translated" to a tabletop game.

RuneScape has seen significant growth since its initial browser-based launch in recent years with Steamforged's boardgame being the most recent game from Jagex. In an interview RS Gold, a variety of Jagex employees talked about the idea of transitioning Runescape's mobile game into a cross-platform release and, last September.

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Re: The new project will be the first time that RuneScape

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