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ich muss im Rahmen eines Projektes für die Uni ein Kugelsperrbolzen konstruieren, nun frage ich mich allerdings, wie ich die Bohrung, in der die Kugel später sitzt, konstruieren muss, so das die Kugeln nicht einfach aus dem Gehäuse fällt und es fertigbar ist.

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Re: Kugelsperrbolzen

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So now instead of leaving my Getaway set up in the marina, I'm trailer sailing it. Hooking up the front bridle is a pain in the neck! Specifically, trying to get the 2 tiny little ring-dings in the clevis pins. I have big hands, and those are tiny rings!

I've thought of using the ball lock pins (aka quick pins) instead, but for 2 possible problems. I'm afraid of them getting pulled out by the spinnaker if it should hook them, and I'm afraid that since they are hollow, they aren't strong enough and might break.

Has anyone had any experience with the ball lock pins, or have another solution for the front bridle clevis ring-dings?

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