Learning the basics of Java?

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Learning the basics of Java?

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Java is one of the most in-demand programming languages ​​in the world and one of the two official programming languages ​​used in Android development (the other being Kotlin). Developers familiar with Java are in high demand and able to create a wide range of different applications, games, and tools. With this quick Java tutorial for beginners, you can take your first steps towards becoming one of those developers. We'll cover everything you need to know to get started and help you build your first simple app.

What is Java?
Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in the 1990s (later purchased by Oracle).

The term "object-oriented" refers to the way Java's structured code is written, namely the division of code into so-called "classes" that run together to ensure that objects are spawned consistently. We will discuss this later, but suffice it to say that this results in a versatile and organized code that is easy to edit and repurpose.

Object-oriented programming in plain language - experts explain
Object-oriented programming in plain language - experts explain
Java is influenced by C and C++, so it has a lot in common with those languages ​​(and C#). One of the great advantages of Java is that it is "platform independent". This means that the code you write on one platform can be easily run on another. This is called the “write once, run anywhere” principle (although in practice this is not always as easy as it seems).

To run and use Java, you need three things:

JDK - Java Development Kit
JRE – Java Runtime Environment
JVM - Java Virtual Machine
The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) ensures that your Java applications have access to the minimum resources required to run them. The JVM is what makes Java programs so easy to run across platforms.

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Re: Learning the basics of Java?

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Re: Learning the basics of Java?

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